Sadie Nix – “Oblivious”

Love and heartbreak are universal themes in art since, well, ever. Real human connections are hard to come by and even harder to maintain, so really heartbreak is kind of like the universal human language. Loving someone and seeing it end for one reason or another – it never gets easy, no matter how many times it’s happened before. But what about when the thing that ends was never actually a relationship?

American-born and currently Brighton, UK-based singer and songwriter Sadie Nix talks about just that in her latest single, “Oblivious”. The gorgeous single is her third release in advance of her upcoming full-length debut album, and it shows a side of a breakup that isn’t usually a part of pop culture: the heartbreak of a relationship that never was neither could ever be. “[It] is so much lonelier than a traditional breakup”, the singer says about the track, which was perfectly produced by Martin Hollis in London.

Citing names that go from Dolly Parton and Brandi Carlile to The Cure and Taylor Swift as influences, Sadie Nix’s music encompasses the very best of everything she listens to. Her lyrics in “Oblivious” emulate the best Swiftian-style narratives; singing about things that feel incredibly specific but also universal and relatable for everyone while keeping somewhat of the same rock and roll edge that can be felt in Carlile’s work.

What sticks when we listen to “Oblivious” is how raw and genuine her vocals sound; you can feel her heartbreak in every note and it’s the level of emotion that we would expect from someone years into their career. And Sadie’s already at that place now. “Oblivious” is a memorable piece of music, with haunting piano lines, mournful vocal melodies, and incredibly heartfelt lyrics. It is also remarkably different than Sadie’s past two singles, showing how much range this girl can achieve and the emotional rollercoaster of an album her debut will be.


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