TROLN – “For Love”

A haunting/dramatic experience of Soft Rock elements mixed with Gothic textures and underground Post-Rock vibes. “For Love” will leave you speechless as it continues to grow and turn into a monster of a track.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will prepare for the haunting arrival of this phantom-like single. Brought to us by our dear friends from Denmark, this track is chilling, spooky, romantic (but not really), and just a little bit creepy… Let’s get to it!

In case you don’t remember, TROLN is a Danish group from Copenhagen that was previously featured here on the blog with their singles Says Abraham and Ghost. Led by the beautiful voice of Helene Navne, their music is perfect for any Goth Rock / Alternative music fan out there. Similar to Evanescence, they’re capable of blending soft textures with harsh electronica sounds to create an obscure and somber atmosphere, with chants that seem to come from another plain.

“For Love” is their upcoming single, and although it arrives right on time for Valentine’s Day, this track isn’t quite as romantic as it might seem. “Rather the song has elements of the tale of Bluebeard, the wife-killer, and the bleeding key, that gave away his true nature.” TROLN explains.

The song is meant as an encouragement for people living in abusive relationships to acknowledge, that what they might do for love – forgive, change, submit – might not be love at all. Helene felt inspired after getting to know a woman who left an abusive relationship much like the one she was once in herself. The result is quite striking, almost like a much-needed plea for liberation after going through such abuse. The final minutes are awesome, so you better stay on track.

It is a very powerful track and I’m sure it will help and inspire others in need of breaking off a few chains. So waste no more time, and hit the following link:


Credits: Helene Navne (vocals), Christian Rønn (organ/keys/noise/ add. vocals), Henrik Liebgott (guitar, violin, backing vocals), Jens Birkedal (bass), Thomas Olsen (drums/beats)

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