Bloodlin3’s new single “Please Don’t Bother Me”

A month since we last covered “Where Did All My Homies Go,” Rap supergroup Bloodlin3, has a new release. Titled “Please Don’t Bother Me” aka “P.D.B.M,” the single dropped just weeks ago on 01-30-2023. A group of brothers based in Paducah, KY, and El Paso, TX, they call back to a golden era of rap, in my opinion.

Hard-hitting beats and ominous piano licks laced with hard-hitting rhymes. To quote NoLifeShaq, my favorite hip-hop reviewer/YouTuber, “DAT’S TOUGH!” Each MC is skilled enough to be a stand-alone artist in their own right, which is what makes their culmination as a group that much better. The track was produced by Beat Baykers aka Soprano Fetti.


“Please don’t bother me,” as a phrase, spans a wide spectrum of concept. At least, speaking for just me, I can think of quite a few times and reasons that I’ve felt that way at different times. And in step with that, each MC takes on the concept in their own way for each verse. Reinman Ouiji hits on the first verse, delivering standoff messaging and anti-social leanings (“I don’t really want to spaz out, I just want to go and drink liquor till I pass out, on a black couch, in a black house”).

2Severe comes from a place more provoked in the second verse, lashing out (“You mad, I’m not, I’m Biggie, you Pac, we gonna have to come up with a solution before somebody gets shot, if you bringin’ heat my way, then you gonna need Kanye, we can meet up in tha streets and I’m a hit you harder than a Beat by Dre”).

The song goes into a breakdown musically after the second verse, before Mallachi delivers a “Bone-Thug-like” third and final harmonic verse that more specifically calls out a toxic relationship (“Don’t text, don’t’ call, goodbye, let me be and get out of my life”). In between all of the verses a super catchy hook that reminds me of Tech N9ne keeping the track in motion.

As I said before, Bloodlin3’s sound overall calls back to some of my favorite late 90’s, and early 2000s Gangsta Rap. Their music is a good recommendation for fans of Bone, Twista, Tech N9ne, and Three 6 Mafia. The overall impression I got from the latest track was a “Tech N9ne meets D12 with a feature from Krayzie Bone” vibe.

” ‘Please Don’t Bother Me’ or P.D.B.M. is about a vibe everyone feels from time to time. Each verse represents how they want to be left alone. 1st verse (Reinman Quiji) wants to keep to himself, 2nd verse (2Severe) becomes more aggressive if not left alone, 3rd verse (Mallachi) is referencing a toxic relationship.

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