Franck Biyong & Florie Namir in beautiful new single “Silence is Music”

Franck Biyong & Florie Namir new single. I believe everyone who has been in conflict with someone, particularly a loved one, has experienced the smothering silence. No more words get exchanged at this point, and so it envelops you, making you feel bad. It’s in these moments when it’s important to remember that the easiest way to resolve the conflict is going in to talk with the person – from that point forward, the silence becomes music.

That sentiment is captured beautifully in Israeli singer Florie Namir’s newest single. Acoustic and warm, the song called “Silence is Music” is smooth and soothing, just like the warm embrace after a bad argument is settled. Soft guitar melodies, jazzy percussion, and quiet vocals build up a calm, soulful atmosphere, where hope and gratitude can bloom comfortably, and there is no more space left for hurting feelings. “Silence is Music” is a serene ode for nourishing dialogue and self-acceptance, setting itself as a reminder that the best way to overcome the crushing bad feelings is reaching out.

Florie’s tender vocals are joined by those of Franck Biyong, a Cameroonian guitarist. The duo co-wrote the song, aiming to bring out the anxious feeling so common in such situations, and using delicate instrumentation as well as their singing voices to produce a layer of solace. Magical strings were added to the mix by Argentinian double bass player Lila Horovitz and Canadian cellist Tess Crowther.

The calming soulful jazzy vibe is Florie Namir’s signature sound. Living in the UK, the fruitful singer-songwriter and pianist loves combining classical elements, American vocal jazz and poetic lyrics to create subtle, wonderfully written music that easily finds a path to the listener’s heart.

“Silence is Music” is out now on your favorite platforms – give it a listen today!
Also, make sure to check out her previous release called “Far Far Away“.


Franck Biyong & Florie Namir "Silence is Music"

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