Ali George’s beautiful EP “Platys Yialos”

For those of you who love beautifully made folk, today is a good day. Ali George, who has already shown his proficiency at telling stories through the most delicate songwriting in his previous release “Dreams Within Dreams“, is back. The British guitar aficionado with a tender voice brings forth a brand new EP “Platys Yialos”, which houses serene and beautiful acoustic ballads.


Named after a remote beach on a Greek island named Serifos, the Ali George EP is home to 3 acoustic vibrant folk ballads. The beach and its rather magical name were the inspiration for 2 of the songs, namely the titular track and “Another Girl”. One can feel the summery serenity of the beach through the calm, soothing sound “Platys Yialos” the song holds within. Imagine slow waves, evening sky, calm wind, and warmth, along with beautiful sights that make their way into cherished memories.

Similar vibes are present in “Another Girl”, which has a slightly goofier, love-infused atmosphere. Strumming and plucking guitar melodies, the song speaks of a beautiful holiday spent exploring the aforementioned beach and its wilderness, complete with a romantic endeavor with a girl as beautiful as the location.

The third song embedded between the reminiscing, sunny songs tells a much darker story inspired by a harrowing event from Ali’s personal life when he got mugged and attacked after a drinking night at a pub. Titled “Meagre Heights”, the song follows a man getting heavily drunk in a pub and later disappearing, and his wife who’s growing increasingly worried when she fails to hear back from him. He is eventually found as his wife went out to look for him. Though found, “Meagre Heights” leaves it ambiguous on what state the man was in, ending on an uneasy note.

This poetically told story enveloped in a tender acoustic atmosphere depicting brokenness, terror, and despair taking place one awful night acts as a warning of what alcohol abuse can lead to.

“Platys Yialos” by Ali George is a beautifully written short journey and is out now, go give it a listen today!

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