Bradley Copper Kettle and Friends’ cozy debut single “Sleeve”

Roll up your sleeves and dive into action with the brand new artist Bradley Copper Kettle and Friends, and their fresh debut single “Sleeve”! When you dream, dream big. But at the same time, don’t forget to chase those dreams and grab the opportunities that appear in front of you.

Hailing from New England, Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends is a 5-headed folk rock band, who’s been performing together since 2014. Their well-rounded sets incorporate originals with covers from various inspiring artists ranging from The Band to Sublime, and beyond. There’s a distinct cozy feeling in the band’s sound that’s like being in a place that feels exactly like home. They’re warm, down to earth, and welcoming when playing live, and they bring the same wonderful energy into their recorded music. Case in point – “Sleeve”.

Bradley Copper Kettle and Friends "Sleeve"

Vibrant guitar melodies and simple, wholehearted vocals introduce the feelings of hope and determination, and “Sleeve” opens up as a toe-tapping song full of good energy. Pondering lyrics visualize the dreams and opportunities tugging on the sleeves waiting to be taken on, and at the same time remind us that those opportunities are fleeting, and not all of them can be caught. The soft vocals also give way to some pretty awesome dancy instrumentals with the flute, guitar riffs, and synthesizers heightening the mood and building up loads of feel-good energy. Once the song ends, you’re pretty much fully charged to go and see where the opportunity takes you.

“Sleeve” by Bradley Copper Kettle and Friends is out now, give it a listen today!

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