Alternate Jane’s attractive cinematic release “Higher Ground”

By now you know that as you read a post from me, it’s a “given” that I am going to present something new to you (Alternate Jane). I mean, that would be pretty weird if I didn’t bring you something to that effect in one of these articles, wouldn’t it? I feel like we’d both be questioning our place in the universe, how we got here, and why we were sharing our time together…I digress. Insomuch as I do have something new for you today! It’s my job to tell you what is of interest about it. Full circle time. Where I was going with all of that, is that what makes the new upcoming release by Alternate Jane interesting, is a number of things. We could start with the fact that she is a doctor. That would lead into the fact that she took a break from her artistic endeavors to dedicate her time and expertise to Covid-19 related duties during the height of the pandemic, and in doing so had to overcome it herself. Let’s stick to the meat and potatoes of it for now and start with the news that she has a new single coming out on February 17th. Bandcamper alert! She’s started a Bandcamp page in which you can follow for alerts to future releases (great way to support independent music, linked below) and you can pre-save the new single for Apple and/or Spotify:


The upcoming single is titled “Higher Ground” and is the third release in the artist’s catalog that began in late 2019. This single is distinct from the last two singles in a couple ways. First being in the production department. It was a multi-continental collaborative effort using the platform “SoundBetter” in which she worked with a multi-instrumentalist producer by the name of Melvin Rijlaarsdam in the Netherlands. In my personal opinion, as I listen back to the last two singles in comparison to this upcoming one, I would say that collaboration had a very positive effect. While I liked her last two singles as well, this production really brought out the dynamic qualities in her voice. It sounds super professional. Secondly, in contrast to the previous releases, “Higher Ground” sounds more “angsty” alternative whereas “Confidence” seemed more conventional to the Pop genre. “Skype Love” more like a folk song. I like the additional little bit of edge in this upcoming release. Alt-Jane has talked about recently about feelings of rejections from various record labels in the past that have inspired her to learn a lot of things on her own and go DIY (which I think is the way to go in this day and age) and I wonder if that’s where some of the “alt” comes from in this new release. Sounds like she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder and you can connect and feel that in her performance. I dig it.

Lyrically, Jane has said that “Higher Ground” is actually inspired by the James Bond film “The World is Not Enough” and more specifically the title song of the film by the band Garbage (one of my favorites as well). Alternate Jane wrote the lyrics for “Higher Ground” first before the composition, another “first” in respect to songwriting approach with this track as opposed to the previous. She said that having the lyrics written out first had the effect on applying the melody to the song which resulted in the “disjointed” chord progression and darker sound. Conceptually regarding the lyrics Jane says it’s about:

When the person you love isn’t who you think he or she is, will you follow them into the rabbit hole and discover the whole truth?


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