Amy Jaime’s sultry & honest “Into You”

Amy Jaime is a Las Vegas-born and raised independent artist who’s been releasing music since 2020 and getting better with each new track. Her latest single, “Into You”, is a sultry R&B-inspired love song about being a little too honest. According to Amy herself, it’s about getting “way too intoxicated and telling their special someone that they barely know of their entire life and feelings”. Yeah, we’ve all been there, Amy. It’s okay.

Since her debut single “Paranoid” featuring Travis Foster, Amy’s been experimenting with pop, R&B, and hip-hop in a variety of ways and it’s always interesting to listen to. This time around in “Into You”, she sounds more self-assured than ever and it’s beautiful. Her vocals lay somewhere between Rihanna and SZA, backed by a gorgeous production topped with acoustic guitars, lo-fi beats, and a couple of synth lines. Everything is very simple, and it’s exactly because of its simplicity that the track works so well.

Amy is telling a story, an incredibly universal one – liking someone a bit too much and spilling everything you’re thinking. ‘Hold me down for a second, I’m drinking all the liquor; I’m about to text some guy and tell him about my life, tell him where I’m at – I hope he understands’, she goes in the chorus. It’s not a booty call, it’s about trust and sharing your deepest thoughts, your hopes, and fears. Maybe it’s a bit too early in the situation for this kind of confession, but it’s exactly that honesty and vulnerability that sells it. She’s open, ready for it, and going all in. And this guy would be a fool to turn her down.




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