The Marsh Family warm release “My Storybook”

Today, The Marsh Family opens up their storybook and invites everyone to come and listen to their sunny and soft folk song embracing the impactful presence of each other. Happy days, hardships, moments that bring people closer to one another, a life spent in each other’s company. As days go by and new experiences get written into the history, the storybook that contains all these happy and sad memories become thicker. It’s also wonderful to look back on all those things, to see how far we’ve come.




The song, aptly titled “My Storybook”, celebrates people closest to you who have walked with you through thick and thin. An ode to companionship and all the shared memories, the song shines with its warm and summery atmosphere. That is compounded by the fact that everyone in this 6-headed Kent-based musical family gets a turn to sing, including the youngest child with the softest voice. There is no way anyone would feel cold after hearing that, as well as the song’s generally elevated mood. Even if there have been bad days in the past, the fact everyone is together, matters the most. That said, “My Storybook” was written for the golden wedding anniversary of their grandparents, born out of conversations about growing older, what’s important in life, and what to look back on.

The single comes along with its music video. Recorded at Graveney Park, the video clip shows the Marsh Family standing together at the gate and singing whilst their favorite memories are projected onto the gate. Among them are clips of the kids discovering the piano, holiday photographs, and children exploring places, as well as family members playing instruments for this song. Tied together by boundless amounts of love, the video celebrated what family life is all about.

Listen Now “My Storybook” by

The Marsh Family

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