Clare Easdown’s cinematic new track “Burned Into My Past”

Loving someone is sometimes hard but letting go of that love, even when you know it’s not good for you, is harder. The new ballad from Sydney, Australia-based singer, and songwriter Clare Easdown speaks exactly about this feeling, and it wins you over because of how emotionally raw it sounds. It’s a beautiful song, that you can miss out on!


The fire metaphor is very appropriate because fire is unpredictable and intimidating. It can burn ever so brightly – and destroy everything in its way. It can be extinguished, but it will leave a trail of ash and smoke. That is exactly what Clare Easdown is singing about on this one. “Burned Into My Past” is an incredibly moving and emotional piece of music, you can hear the ache in Clare’s deep vocals as she sings about letting go and moving on from someone. ‘You’re burned into my past, this was never going to last‘, she sings in an overwhelming chorus.

The song is about deep loss. Longing for them, but knowing that person is gone (for the best), forever burned, etched, and stained into the embers of my past

Clare Easdown

It’s a love song about loss and longing, for when you know it’s over and it’s better for both parts that it’s that way, but it’s still deep and intense because such was the nature of those feelings. It’s about when someone leaves a mark on you forever, like a scar that will heal but never fade completely. This is where Clare Easdown is at: she’s reflecting on that scar, remembering a time that was and isn’t anymore, taking in that pain and using it to move forward. It’s gorgeous and vulnerable, and it’s a unique and delicate song.

In a nutshell, the story is, I was involved with someone for a very short time, it was ‘over fast’ however they really left a mark on me. Our connection, although it was fleeting, was very deep and it hurt a lot when I realised we weren’t a match and had to unfortunately… let them go.

Claire Easdown

With two albums worth of self-released singles last year alone, Clare’s back catalog is an impressive one. She and her main collaborator, Simon Pipe, met online through Instagram and started working together even though she’s in Australia and he lives in Barbados. The distance didn’t stop the duo from crafting perfect dream pop-inspired singles, and “Burned Into My Past” is their crowning jewel.


“Listeners can expect from my music, deep authenticity, and emotion. I am very raw when I write lyrics and I wear my heart on my eyes. I pour out my life into my music and often times each song is like a page in a diary. A mark in time. A moment that needs to be expressed.” Claire Easdown

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