Prima Apollinaare’s dynamic single “High and Low”

Los Angeles-based artist Prima Apollinaare just released her stunning new album Alignment and we’re here to talk about its lead single: the gorgeous “High and Low”. With influences from the likes of Kate Bush, Björk, and Florence Welch, Prima’s music sounds like an amalgamation of every single one of them. It’s dramatic, dynamic, and cinematic – her strong vocals seem to both ground the song and let it fly at the same time.

“High and Low” is definitely one of the highlights from Alignment, a song about picking yourself up after life beats you down. Again and again. You just keep getting up, dusting yourself off and you go forward. Beautifully produced by Eren Cannata, the writer, and producer of the Purple Hearts film soundtrack, Prima’s sound definitely benefited from his work. She sounds better and more self-assured than ever on this album, and this is a good thing. There is a classic rock and roll feel to it, even if the music itself never gets too heavy, and Prima’s vocals navigate through the moods and sounds masterful.

“This song is about never giving up. Keep fighting standing up proud, working hard, and eventually prevail”, as Prima herself puts it. And really there aren’t better words than these. Much like the rest of the album, “High and Low” is about perseverance and strength. Backed by a lo-fi music video that features Prima driving around alone and reflecting on the lyrics while looking cool and badass in sunglasses and a simple leather jacket. This girl just has an undeniable cool factor that reminds me of Alison Mosshart from The Kills – this goes for her vocal style as well.

Prima Apollinaare’s been releasing music since 2018, but in Alignment, it sounds like she finally found herself and her sound. She never sounded this all-rounded before, like she knows exactly what she’s doing and where she wants to go from here. And we’re all going along on her ride, but in the passenger seat – because she’s the one in control of the steering wheel.




Prima Apollinaare "High and Low"
Prima Apollinaare “High and Low”

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