Kahnin – bright and warm in new single “Go Kart”

A soul-warming track with a unique tenderness to it. “Go Kart” by Kahnin is a sweet, uplifting tune meant to help us remember to enjoy life, and celebrate us being alive. A very appealing track from this Icelandic composer. Out now!


What’s going on everybody! It’s your boy, MadZen and today we will ride our Go Karts straight to the finish line where this brand-new single awaits. Life is hard and heavy from time to time, but this song was created to relieve some of the pressure off our backs. Let’s get to it!

Kahnin is a well-established artist and musician from Keflavik, Iceland. Far away lands from what we’re used to, but the music stays the same. As he proudly says, “Music is music!”, and no genre escapes from Kahnin’s scope. Having already released 18 singles, he is now ready to share with us the next.

The single comes with a playful music video where Kahnin shows us his youthful spirit and his love for life.

“Go Kart” is a tune made in collaboration with guitarist Leo Abrahams (Miley Cyrus, Talking Heads, A star is born, Imogen Heap, Harry Styles) and Jimmy Deer (Amazing producer/Instrumentalist). Written using the famous cut-up method, originally created by William S Burroughs and used by many great artists like David Bowie, this track is a celebration of life’s small moments and the importance of maintaining a youthful view of life.

The cut-up technique is always an intriguing way to draft in new ideas that wouldn’t otherwise present themselves logically. The idea started from the artist’s desire to write about a life full of celebration no matter how hard-hitting its regularity can become.

Acoustic guitars mixed with a deep, electronic beat support Kahnin’s deep melodic voice, with a warm sound and the perfect amount of grit to it. An uplifting tune that shines like the sun, and serves its purpose of calming us down and making us take a step back. So sit back and relax, and


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