Kaisa Rya’s powerful new track “Heart Attack”

Kaisa Rya’s powerful new single “Heart Attack” comes from a very anxious situation. Nothing is more terrifying than reading the words ‘we need to talk’ appear on your screen. It doesn’t really matter the context; might be from your boss or your lover. If someone that usually just texts you suddenly feels the need to announce that a conversation must be had, this interaction alone already leaves you restless and sweating, and alarmed.

With sounds that fall somewhere between Charli XCX’s Crash and MUNA, Kaisa soars through upbeat synth lines with propulsive vocals. All of this while singing about an anxiety attack, which is all too relatable. The uncertainty of the “we need to talk” situation is what moves this song forward, Kaisa is trying to keep herself together long enough to resolve this thing. The song has a very 90s pop vibe in its production, with big synths and straightforward beats that are tied together by her back-and-forth vocals in the verses. ‘Please stop my heart attack’, she begs and invites us to dance it out with her.

German singer Aylin Ejder has been putting out music under Kaisa Rya for a while now, and the way she keeps experimenting with pop sounds is incredible. Going from the world-pop debut single “Ego” to the guitar and synths-heavy “Rough“, this girl knows how to make pop music that sounds new and exciting. “Heart Attack”, coming out later this week, is another exemple of how fun and creative her vision is – even when the subject matter is less than ideal. Like all of her releases, “Heart Attack” is a perfect pop song with a meaning, a purpose beyond making you feel good and dance, and that’s exactly why it’s so remarkable.




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