Raleÿell is longing for a better tomorrow in “Lullaby”

Israeli singer-songwriter Raleÿell has just recently, on February 17th, dropped her newest single “Lullaby”. It’s her 4th single and the most intimate to date.

Written inspired by the events that started taking place in early 2022, “Lullaby” treads between the delicate balance between hopelessness that the ongoing war will ever end, and hope that the bad dream will end and the morning comes with a better future ahead. The slow-paced dark pop ballad feels like anxious thoughts in a dim room surrounded by blankets, fumbling for those calming pills that hopefully will help finally fall asleep. It feels like the younger person living close to Ukraine and feeling increasingly uncertain and fearful of what will start happening next.

String and piano arrangements set the sad nocturnal mood along with the distinct feeling of being tired of the constant fear influenced by slow-but-strong percussion. Raleÿell’s emotional singing hits hard as she searches for a glimmer of hope, longing for easier days in the future. There’s no telling when this endless night will end, but hopefully, it is soon.

“2022 was a challenge everybody had to survive. Writing this song was some kind
of my way of coping. Yes, “Lullaby” is a story of unforgettable evil and bad people, but
hopefully it doesn’t end bad”.


Endlessly inspired by the reality around us and the turmoils inside us, Raleÿell fearlessly tackles themes that may be quite heavy and presents them in a larger-than-life cinematic framework that does not fail to captivate. She carries a powerful and emotive voice, as well as a knack for giving the topics she handles a rather unique image that feels both intimate and wholly relatable for most.

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