Red Skies Mourning’s new single A Beautiful Mess

Track “A Beautiful Mess”

The brand-new single by our friend Red Skies Mourning an artist always on the move. A solo project of Chris Aleshire, I learned a lot about his vast musical backgrounds, ventures, and influences in my interview with him on AMS Radio last year. It’s amazing how much stuff he’s involved with. He is a Marine, J.R. Richards of Dishwalla was featured on one of his early singles, he’s played legendary venues, and he works with a Producer who happens to share the same manager as Post Malone.

Not that you have any time to process all that information, because he’s always got you tuned into the next venture of writing, releasing, and gigging. Active on social media, he continues to pave a new path along his journey. An amazing artist. LT1KF also covered his full-length album that was a culmination of a string of singles released throughout 2021 to mid-2022, the self-titled “Red Skies Mourning” last year in July. Following what I’ve referred to as a “new era” in his catalog that began with “Something About Her” and “Crack in the Ice,” Red Skies Mourning returns with his first single of 2023 titled “A Beautiful Mess,” slated for release 02-24-2023.


New single by Red Skies Morning A Beautiful Mess

In the last 2 singles, Red Skies Mourning exhibited a heavily retro, 80’s synth vibe stylistically. With “A Beautiful Mess,” Chris returns to the more hip-hop-rooted vibe, similar to what you might remember from the likes of “Deep Moonlight” etc. on the last album. His voice still carries a fantastic, somber, melodic quality over top-notch production.

Take into account, his earlier rock-oriented work, the Trap/Hip Hop vibes of the self-titled album, and that synth-wavy EDM hybrid of the last two singles, it only begs the question, is there anything he isn’t capable of singing? I pick up on what seems to be a lot of similar influences to another one of my favorite artists right now Love Ghost, albeit Love Ghost carries the harder rock edge much more at the forefront. Nonetheless, they both possess this unique blend of widely varied rock, hip-hop, and Trap influence. If you are a sucker for tasty melody, world-class beats, and super vibey music, Red Skies Mourning is highly recommended.

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