Red Skies Mourning- Red Skies Mourning

After the release of various singles during the year, Red Skies Mourning has released his eponymous debut album. Red Skies Mourning features all of his previous singles alongside three new brand new tracks full of synth pop atmospheric soundscapes that evolve and transform from track to track, with a powerful sound that swiftly lifts up the listener off the ground and makes them fly away to distant places.

Red Skies Mourning is a solo project headed by Chris Aleshire. His sound is recognized by the complex layers of synths and instruments used as if they were strokes of a paintbrush. If observed closely, we can see each one individually to the minor of details, but when they come together they paint a full picture equal to none other. This technique allows Aleshire to maintain a personal sound all while keeping the freedom of experimentation and variation fo each of the tracks. The tracks of Red Skies Mourning maintain his personal style and make variations around it, completly transforming and expanding it in ways one could’ve never expected.

Red Skies Mourning contains all of his previous singles like “In The Moment”, “Lost Without You”, “Deep Moonlight”, “Paralyzed”, and “Where You Been?”, all of which we have previously covered in the blog. But that is not all: Aleshire has reworked each one of them in various degrees. The track which benefits more of these enhancements is “Paralyzed”. It became “Paralyzed 2.0”, which features a heavier, eerier atmosphere compared to the first version. This new approach greatly emphasizes the feeling of dread of the lyrics of being unable of doing anything. Red Skies Mourning also features three new, unedited tracks. “Dreamweaver” is a beat heavy pop track with heavy R&B vibes, “In the Moment” is a pop rock lovetrack with synths with awesome buildups and a catchy chorus and the closing track of the album is “Summer Shines” a track that makes us want to run away to somewhere were we can be free once more.

Red Skies Mourning’s eponymous debut album transcends genres. Chris shows how his sound can be transformed while still being instantly recognizable at a first listen. Red Skies Mourning proves to be a first step into the right direction.

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