9 O’clock Nasty – Mark Wise Remix new “Low Fat Jesus”

9 O’clock Nasty “What exactly does low-fat Jesus means? A shredded, six-pack abs Jesus? So, normal Jesus then…” These were my very thoughts after reading the Nasty’s new single title. I didn’t know what to expect, but every second was worth it. A strangely good Punk track with lots of un-holy vibes. Just how I like it.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! Y’all already know… The nasties are back and this time they come reloaded, or may I say… remixed. You’ll get me in a minute. But for now, just know that after their super successful release Too Cool, they are now ready for round two… and it is of biblical proportions.

“Low Fat Jesus” is the Nasty returning to what gives them birth: Punk music (well, also art-rock and post-punk but you get the point). Described as a Punk apocalypse, this track shines through its exciting riffs and choruses to sing along to. It is almost absurd how good it is, some might say heretic even.

This is not a song about the Jesus that threw the moneylenders out of the temple. This is a song about the Jesus that welcomed them in, as long as they contributed a fair percentage of their income as rent. Low Fat Jesus is a song about perversion and gaslighting on a global scale. Let’s face facts, Disney and Coca-Cola are pretty good at branding, but they are rank amateurs next to the 2000-year masterclass of the church. ” – 9 O’clock Nasty

I swear that these guys’ drum sound just keeps getting better and better. Overall they’ve learned to work together and bring out the best of each other… maybe the worse as well, and that’s also a good thing! They stay simple but keep getting more exciting. Remember I mentioned a remix? Well, the English post-punk band has been mashed up with New Jersey Techno from one of the most exciting up-and-coming DJs on the East Coast, Mark Wise.

That’s right, The Nasty are going Techno. Add it to the list of things I never say coming, but I’m very grateful for it. The remix is… well, something very different. But it is good, it is so good. It works perfectly. The remix will release on Saturday 25th February, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Many people think Techno is heavy. Wait until they hear what he did to Low Fat Jesus. Our ears are still ringing, but we danced all night.” – The Nasty


9 o'clock nasty


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