Kejcz bouncy and wild “Set Me Free”

Kejcz’s new single is finally out. Friday has arrived once again, and for many people, this means parties and going out to get down. Music helps to get yourself in the mood and elevate your excitement for the wild evening ahead, and new music does that especially well. Kejcz comes to “Set You Free” from the mundane workdays and brings forth a wild dance party!

Kejcz creates bouncy and wild dance music that could move crowds. The Polish producer composes bold and powerful dancehall commanders coming with highly elevated moods, and it’s perhaps quite intriguing to learn that Kejcz is actually a cinematographer by profession. He has two banger songs out by now, both representing a different kind of EDM sound, and “Set Me Free” joins the mix with exhilarating vocals and providing moody, driving beat and emotional recharge.

Born from a bassline back in 2021, “Set Me Free” features the electrifying vocals provided by Basia Kolasa. Shooting laser beams and the energy-filled atmosphere set the stage for a wild, self-forgetting affair driven by the desire to be free and wild. All the chains to the boring and mundane are left behind, and for this night there will be nothing holding you back.

“Set Me Free” will be out on February 28th


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