Phoebe Coco’s breathtaking “Clear Eyes”

Phoebe Coco is a talented London-based singer and songwriter who’s been releasing music under her name since 2018. Her debut album, My White Horse & I was released in 2020 compiling her earlier singles and also introducing lovely new material and new dimensions to her sound. And now Phoebe returns with “Clear Eyes”, a new single and music video.

Much more experimental in nature than most of the things we’ve heard in My White Horse & I, “Clear Eyes” is a breathtaking piece of music. Centered around a piano melody and with ever-changing layered vocal harmonies that just keep on coming, the final result is truly extraordinary. It’s almost acapella, and there’s an incredible mixture of beauty and a sense of eeriness.

This feeling is heightened by the music video, showing Phoebe in a lovely night dress while singing in a poorly-lit garden. She’s always smiling and seeming to have a good time, and this compliments the song so much – “Clear Eyes” may have a haunting feel to it, but it’s also light and fun.

Produced by Phoebe herself alongside Grammy-winning Eduardo De La Paz, her latest track is a new direction to her sound. It’s a bold move, but she makes it work because everything is so masterfully done. “Clear Eyes” shows influences from the likes of Kate Bush and Björk, but all set through her own originality filter. It’s a remarkable single, a song that gets more interesting and intricate the more you hear it – and you can’t help but do it over and over again.


Phoebe Coco

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