Karan x Anoop, Chris Savor & Aditya Pamnani’s collaborative new project “Landour”

The key to any successful project is collaboration. One can rarely get things done properly alone, and the latest single from singer Chris Savor alongside producer duo Karan x Anoop & Aditya Pamnani is exactly that. “Landour”, the artsy/dream pop/ambient track is the spawn of four different artists in four different countries, combined together to create a remarkable piece of music – and an equally stunning video.

“Landour” had its initial inception on India, when Karan and Anoop shared together a life-changing spiritual experience in the Himalayan town of Landour. United Kingdom-based singer Chris Savor heard the track and instantly connected to it, and began adding his vocals and production touches of his own. Producer Karan is the connector of everyone involved with the project: once the song was finished, Karan’s friend Aditya Pamnani heard it and began the next part of the story, producing the gorgeous music video.

Karan is the super-connector in the middle of this track, he has strong relationships with Aditya and Anoop. I then met Karan at a music production school in London where we were both doing a vocal course. Five years later he reaches out to me and forms our super team!

Chris Savoir

Watch Landour’s video Now!

Our goal with the music and video is to make our listeners feel something and to transport them to a new world. 

The video, directed by Aravind Sashank under Pamnani’s APF Productions, compliments the sounds very well. It’s a story-based video, showcasing a young couple treasuring and honoring the small moments together before it’s too late – and in this case, it already is too late.

Beautifully acted by Pamnani himself alongside talented Sonam Shankar, the video showcases the couple after the breakup, with Pamnani’s character realizing his own faults in the relationship and struggling to move on, remembering all the things the two had together that he once took for granted and are gone now. It’s an incredibly moving and intense film, definitely, and we can feel the passion of everyone involved in it.

“Filmmaking to me is as good as magic, it’s a chance to live many lifetimes, a chance to rediscover yourself, a chance to create something from your heart”

Aditya Pamnani

As Karan puts it into words better than anyone else:

“My imagination is roused by music. I can find comfort solely via music. Between me and infinity, it serves as a bridge”.

And “Landour” is definitely that sour comfort, with soothing melodies and an impeccable production from everyone involved. The video adds a new and more complex layer of feelings to the song, making it a vital part of the experience of listening to “Landour”. A truly collaborative project from four talented artists united by a single vision: to make something great.


karan x anoop chris savor

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