The Wren leaves behind the heartbreaking relationship in “December”

March 1st sees the release of a brand new single from The Wren, the LA-based singer-songwriter. Titled “December”, it’s the second song coming from this gentle-voiced artist and it dives into the world of relationships. More specifically, the heartbreaking side of romantic relationships.

Imagine you’re in a relationship with someone you’ve been thoroughly in love with. There have been moments that would’ve made you rethink the situation, but all red flags are just flags through those rose-colored glasses. But at some point, you decide to take those glasses off to see the other person in their true nature, and it’s the sort that’s romantically incompatible with you.

“December” starts off with a minimal atmosphere with The Wren’s emotional pure voice and distant strumming. She doesn’t sulk in the sorrow that the relationship is not going to go anywhere, instead the single slowly builds up courageous energy, evolving from being an intimate ballad to an anthemic song of moving on.

What is really lovely about “December” by The Wren, is the absence of choking levels of sadness or aggressiveness – it’s a story of a person who just found that the relationship they’re in is no good for them, unravels the thoughts of disappointment in poignant lyrics, accepts the losses and finds the courage to move on. In an era of overboiling emotions, it feels really refreshing and also inspiring.

The Wren took her name from the national bird of Arizona, the state she was born in, and writes beautiful indie pop with themes pulled from daily life. According to her bio, The Wren makes melodies from pain and gives a voice to her innermost thoughts. She debuted in 2022 with a single that calls out her loved ones that have been making a bit too many self-deprecating jokes about dying and not mattering at all – the artist’s answer to that was a delicate guitar ballad titled “Please don’t joke about dying“.

There will be more music coming up from The Wren in 2023, stay tuned!

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