Wild Fire – “Just Friends”

Texas-based sibling duo Wild Fire is back with a brand new single, “Just Friends”. And it’s just so fun!




The sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig have been releasing music together since about 2016 and their style of pop-rock is getting even more layered as time goes on, with influences from country and heartfelt lyrics. Sounding like a heavier Avril Lavigne and falling somewhere alongside The Veronica’s first album, these girls know how to do serious fun very well.

What is the most interesting thing about the dynamic exposed in “Just Friends” is the dynamic itself: here are two people who make out in secret and enjoy spending time together, but once one of them voices a will to make it official the other shuts them down to the so-called Friend Zone.

With verses such as ‘don’t call me baby, we’re not even a maybe‘ and ‘you know we’re not together, right?‘, breaking someone’s heart never sounded this fun. This level of honesty can get brutal, like the ‘I only call you when I’m bored, we’re just friends nothing more‘. It sometimes has to be said, even if it hurts, and something that most people can relate to – on either side of the equation.

The duo has written about complicated situationships before, like in their blazing “Don’t Mess With Exes“, and once again in “Just Friends” there is an undeniable fire to their music.

So it’s awesome to know that their new music is officially the lead single off of their sixth studio album (Debut EP, Young Love, Been There, Phases, In Between, and this one) that is finally coming out later this summer, and if they can keep this up (and they can) it will be an absolute blast!

By the way, the duo is crowdfunding their 6th album. Here is the link for you if want to help them get this done as soon as possible:

Wild Fire New Album Campaign


Wild Fire

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