Magnificent Axe and The Ivory “Pinball Machine”

Axe and The Ivory has got to be one of my favorite independent acts that I’ve come across in the last 6 months or so. LT1KF covered their last single, “Find It” back in November of 2022 and it was something I listened to regularly and still do, often. It was easily an AMS Radio Top 10 song for the month (in fact it was my number one pick for the month at the time).

They are an indie-folk band from the coastal city of Adelaide, Australia whose sound is rich with amazing harmonies, soulful melodies, and moving musical arrangements. They are releasing a new single on March 10th called “Pinball Machine” and it is a great recommendation for fans of Alabama Shakes and The Paper Kites.

Out Now Pinball Machine

Pinball Machine – Axe & the Ivory due out March 10, 2023

The new track by Axe and the Ivory is heavily folk-influenced, and the harmonies are done so well it reminds me of some my favorite aspects of Simon and Garfunkel records. Always a tad somber in feeling, this track is more upbeat, in my opinion, than the last single. Metaphorical references to chasing unicorns, just accepting things for what they are, and going with the flow, albeit in the way of a pinball getting bounced around. The band described the meaning of the song as such:

The track is about those relationships that fall in between some of the more enduring ones, when you find someone in the same pinball machine as you. Even if you’re not who each other is looking for, it makes you both feel ok again.

The band is comprised of the following members:

Rosie Roberts (keys, vocals), Ben Lovell (guitar, vocals), James Lovell (drums), Mark Oosterveld (bass), and Paul Cooper (banjo and mandolin).

There’s an excellent opportunity to catch Axe and The Ivory live leading up to the release date if you are in the Adelaide area. They have a show lined up at the Wheatsheaf Hotel on March 6th. They’ll also be headlining a show at the Grace Emily in May. You’ll want to keep up with them on their official website for more details and for tickets!

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