Roxercat’s mind-blowing new video “2020”

What an amazing video for such a fantastic song. This Nashville-based Progressive Rock band named Roxercat has just released a new music video that will blow your brains out. Created with the help of up-and-coming AI artist iastitraia, “2020” depicts the artist’s vision of such a chaotic year.

2020 is Price Jones’s diary of the year 2020 and takes us on an emotional, primarily instrumental, journey of uncertainty.

Watch now! Roxercat “2020”

Out of all the songs on our EP, this is my favorite to play because it resonates with my emotional experience of that crazy year. I knew the song would need a spectacular video to have any hope of getting noticed. Ai animator iastitraia proved to be just what this song needed. He worked on the music video for a good month and countless renderings to get the final version. 

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we have a mesmerizing music video for y’all. The single is “2020” and it is taken from Roxercat’s latest EP “Pearls” which debuted on January 13th via 9 Dog Records. Lots of psychedelia and rock and roll await us inside. Let’s get it!

Roxercat is led by singer and songwriter Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. They also feature more amazing artists in their tracks, and their sound features the imaginative storytelling and stellar musicianship expected from such a seasoned group of Nashville creatives.

“2020” is Price Jones’ personal diary of such a year. What started off great and with high hopes… well, we know the story! What’s amazing about the track is that we are able to both see and hear every “month“! That’s right, from the high hopes of January to the slow downfall of March, it is truly awesome!

“2020 started off great. We were finishing up a 3 year long project, The Fortunate Few : the rock opera, a rock musical I wrote and produced. We were finishing up the record and just about to gear up for the live shows when the pandemic hit. Our project came to a grinding halt as the pandemic started to sweep across the world.”


The music video is outstanding, and an incredible sight for the eye. Just as the music portrays every different state, the video also fluctuates between magical and peaceful landscapes, to scary, lonely, and even devilish nightmares. A wonderful job by Roxercat and iastitraia who, after working for a solid month on countless renderings, they finally came up with the perfect visual interpretation for this tune.

“Now typically I write songs in a very short time because I hear them in my head (music & lyrics) at the same time. It’s like tuning into a cosmic radio. I wrote the beginning of 2020 and thought it was finished. It was this dreamy instrumental reflecting my joy to be finishing up this amazing project that I had worked so hard on. A month or so later I start writing another song and at some point, I realized it was another part of 2020.

This continued on for months. So the tune was written over many months in the order it’s played on the recording. Each time I wrote another section, I’d think the song was finished, only to be surprised when another section would pop in my head.  When I wrote the last section I KNEW it was complete. I had this long wandering musical journey interpreting the pandemic as I experienced it. 2020 was pretty much the only song I wrote that year as well.”

Price Jones

The track is mostly instrumental but there are some amazing vocals in there as well. So, listen now!

“Hello! If you like what you’re hearing, go stream the rest of our EP, Pearls! Follow & subscribe on our socials and please SHARE!!! We’re a small independent band with big dreams that can only happen if we find our audience!” 

Roxercat "2020"

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