Bromsen solid friendship in “We!”

Lots of New Order vibes with a heavier attitude. “We!” by Bromsen is an electro-pop track that celebrates the power of a solid friendship with high-gained Rock riffs and a jumpy, 80’s inspired beat.

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we have a pretty cool track with lots of nostalgic vibes. A song that reminds us of artists like Joy Division or even Bauhaus, but with a lighter mood. Brought to us by this Berlin-based duo, this single is perfect for all you New Wave fans. Let’s get to it!

Bromsen was created in 2021 by long-time friends Richard and Karlo. They used to perform together with their dear fellows from the pampelmuse in almost every indie rock club in Berlin back in the mid-2000s until they eventually broke u

p, but their friendship and camaraderie stood strong through the years and helped them to overcome several of life’s “low blows”.

Corny as it may sound, “We!” was inspired by the power of Karlo and Richard’s friendship. A 20-year brothers-like relationship that keeps giving fruit up to this day. In the track, you will listen to a heavy dose of synths and digital drum-beats inspired by a sound that we all know and love, the 80’s, dark, underground new wave sound.

“Such a deep and long-standing friendship can carry you through a period of weakness and often you emerge even stronger afterwards feeling free like a bird again who wants to fly higher and higher as described in the song…” – Bromsen

So far, Bromsen has only released three singles, besides We! including “Merryman” and “The Photograph”, but they have already amassed a good amount of plays and have been well-received by independent radio stations as well as blogs and the press. It is for sure a solid start for the bros, and we will definitely keep an eye on them. So, listen now!

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