Sun Grove dives into heartfelt inner conversation on new single “Inside”

Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter Sun Grove has just released “Inside”, an emotionally deep and fluent song touching on the topic of being honest with yourself. This song of an inner monologue is also the second single following “Growing Pains” coming from Sun Grove’s upcoming EP.


Inspired by Tame Impala, Nick Hakim, and Djo, “Inside” is a perfect psychedelic pop song that instantly wraps you into its spacious flowing atmosphere enriched by emotive piano chords and textured guitar riffs. Sun Grove’s effortless yet emotional voice has the power of indie rock and tenderness usually met in ballads, eloquently bringing out the struggles of being a creative person trying to make it work, but also trying to balance his life from the family side. Sun Grove kindly chatted with us about how the single came to be:

“I wrote this song in a basement studio while living in Philadelphia then finished the recording in my garage when I moved to Los Angeles. This is the first time I really dove into some of my more psychedelic influences too. I usually stay in the indie pop and indie rock world, and while this song is definitely still an indie pop/rock tune, it also has that psychedelic pop sound in there as well.

Sun Grove "Inside"

Lyrically I always try to be as honest as I can. In this song specifically, I talk a lot about the guilt I feel because of how much I pour into my work as an artist. Sometimes I neglect my loved ones in pursuit of my own happiness and that leaves me feeling very guilty. You can really hear it in the bridge where I sing “I know you find it hard to take some time but you’re stuck in there fighting for your life”.

Then a chorus of voices echos “but your missing something”
This line is me talking to myself acknowledging the fact that I need to work this hard not only to make it as a musician but also to feel fulfilled; however, still reminding myself that maybe I can have a better balance in my life.”

Sun Grove

Sun Grove, the musical alias of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Loving, combines soulful and impactful voice with strikingly honest lyricism, embedding them in a refreshing, heartwarming, and psychedelic blend of indie rock and alt-pop. Besides making music in what the artist describes as a somewhat shabby garage studio in Los Angeles, Sun Grove can also be seen performing live, enamoring the audience with unforgettable punchy live sets.

Sun Grove "Inside"

Don’t expect stuff you can dance too but don’t expect all laid back mellow tunes. Just expect a perspective that’s uniquely mine and my best attempt at being as honest as possible that usually comes in the form of an indie pop song.”

Sun Grove
Sun Grove also runs a podcast called Nobody Loves You with friends. There’s a new episode every Thursday and if you wish to learn even more about the artist and the new single “Inside”, make sure to tune in!

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