Gregory Lioi looks through the cracked reality of social media in new single “Sometimes I Feel”

Veteran rock&roll idealist Gregory Lioi has just released his brand new rock single “Sometimes I Feel”. Sparking as a vivid hybrid of college rock and indie pop, the single takes a deeper look into how social media distorts our view of reality, and it’s done through a prism of light-hearted humor.

The phone in your hand connects to an endless database of everything, but it’s the social media that really affects us by turning us into mindless scrollers looking for an instant fix of entertainment. Who are those people in your feed anyway? Where’s the real emotion? Gregory Lioi takes a jab at the way social media turns us into, well basically zombies, and he questions it all in the refreshing burst of a light-colored vibrant rock tune, asking if it’s the reality or just a dream.

Filled to the brim with bright energy and catchy hooks, “Sometimes I Feel” breaks through the social media capsule just like a solid rock’n’roll tune would. It’s got awesome vocals, sweet riffs, and a great message to remind us how social media’s vision of the world we live in is not something that should be taken at face value.

The US-based artist has been releasing music since 2022 with this new solo project, using the power of great catchy riffs to give a platform to strong messages that brew inside the artist’s head, shedding light on all that’s wrong in the current world as we know it.

Listen to “Sometimes I Feel” today on your favorite platforms!

Gregory Lioi "Sometines I Feel"
In “Sometimes I Feel”, Gregory questions the reality of a fractured world as viewed through the lens of social media. In a radio-ready pop tenor, he sings “Where is the love? Sometimes I feel like it’s all just a dream” as the track builds from a catchy college-rock nugget to a cinematic indie-pop anthem.

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