Tom Craven spreads hope with “New Signals”

Hold onto the good things, and learn from the bad. You can get through this. This is one of the biggest signals coming from Tom craven’s brand-new single titled “New Signals”.



Built on top of overcoming the bad and the difficult and growing stronger as you learn new things about yourself, the song signals that despite how terribly something can go, you’re strong and there will always be something good waiting ahead of you.

Described by the artist as an anthem for those who’ve loved and lost over the turbulent past few years, “New Signals” surrounds you with warm comforting instrumentation. Inviting you to sway along the beat, the song builds up this cozy welcoming atmosphere that feels like a path home, promising a good rest from all the things you’ve encountered and overcome. “New Signals” also feels lively and full of presence, making you feel not alone and instead creating a feeling of attending a live show from the privacy of your home.

Effortlessly blending the energy of rock and intimacy of acoustic music, UK-based singer-songwriter Tom Craven weaves life-inspired stories into high-spirited timeless music. The stage is basically a second home for this man, who’s been touring extensively through UK, Europe, and California, and the positive confident stage presence finds a way into his studio recordings. It’s true for “New Signals” and that glowing personality made his previous single “Let It Fall (My December)” soar high.

“New Signals” is set to release on March 17th.


Tom Craven "New Signals"

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