MedsE’s new wild single “Hounds”

“Hounds” by Swedish music producer MedsE is an absolute electronic banger with Grime influences. A surprisingly punchy beat with rap vocals about growing up in the ’90s, facing all the strange qualities of this modern day. Out now!


The cover for Hounds is a photo of my inlaws dog, Pamina. Making of hounds has been a very educational journey. My trust in myself have grown a lot during this making and I’m very glad to see what future brings.


What’s going on ladies en gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we have an excellent track perfect for the dance floor, the gym, or simply walking around the streets. A song that hits hard with a powerful kick and tight basses, as well as humor-embedded lyrics. Let’s get to it!

MedsE once wanted to be a professional photographer but that didn’t happen, but who would’ve thought that all the pictures he took would now serve him as the art covers for his music releases. A producer making most of the work himself, with purchased rap vocals full of humor that maximize the energy of the track.

“Hounds” is his most recent release and one in which he got a lot of help from his musical mentor, Harald Eliasson. The result is a wild, semi-dark beat with sharp synths and an exciting arrangement. The rap vocals talk about feeling alienated from today’s rap scene, all the mumble-rap songs, and the dream of becoming rich and successful. A good dose of comedy and a top-notch vocal delivery make this track a very, very entertaining experience.

But of course, there is always the wife that can cheat on you and voting is only a matter of selecting what party of mean people do you want to rule. Being spinning with the social media apps that comes with being a person born in the 90s.” – MedsE

It feels refreshing to listen to tracks like this. The mix between Electronic rhythms and Grime-styled vocals is not something we are very used to. And of course, anyone born in the 90s can easily relate to the verses, with the occasional laugh now and then. All in all, “Hounds” is a really high-quality track in every sense of the word. So, go ahead and listen now!

Making of hounds has been a very educational journey. My trust in myself have grown a lot during this making and I’m very glad to see what future brings.” – MedsE

“I have never used my own voice in any productions. But I’m a bit curious to get into that path as well (Singing then and not rapping)” MedsE

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