Red Bird Rising opens a window into life in a warzone with delicate and heartfelt love song “My Revolution”

Red Bird Rising has released a strong-willed song “My Revolution” complete with a music video shot in Odessa under the constant bombing threats. The powerful anti-war message comes with a delicate and heartfelt love song deep inside, highlighting what’s the real driving force in surviving these terrifying times of war and death.

Featuring Ukrainian husband and wife Taras Kuznetsov and Ana Pshokina on vocals and bass respectively, “My Revolution” is an earnest indie rock song taking a deep dive into what it is like to live in a war-torn country that is Ukraine. The deep, diary-esque lyrics bring together a storm of thoughts ranging from thinking about escaping, getting saturated by constant bad news, to partaking in the war against Russians. In the terrifying chaos taking place around and inside, there’s also a moment of serenity dedicated to the loved one, the person without whom things would definitely feel much worse.

“My Revolution” is accompanied by equally powerful visuals. Clips from Odessa showing crowd efforts, destruction, and the gloomy nighttime with echoing bomb sirens are intertwined with an incredible performance by dancer and choreographer Melina Ascune, creating an accurate and intense view into the struggles that happen around Taras, and inside the mind of his and fellow Ukrainians. Some of Odessa’s clips were made by Taras, and the video also features him and his wife walking Odessa’s streets, enjoying brief moments of happiness.


“My revolution begins in my world within”, Taras sings in the profound anti-war statement of a song full of immediacy. The song was born from the pen of Diedrich Donald Weiss, a songwriter and producer recording under Red Bird Rising alias, as an urgent answer to the invasion taking place in Ukraine led on by the war criminal Putin.

Red Bird Rising "My Revolution"

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