Taylor Jules’s gorgeous new single “19”

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Taylor Jules already had an impressive debut single under her belt with “Helicopter” (almost 30k streams only on Spotify), and now the lovely lady gives us her second single off of her debut EP and it’s called “19”. It’s a delicate song, filled with jazzy pianos and gorgeous vocal melodies, a track written about the joys and burdens of youth.


“The song is about having the world in the palm of your hand and knowing better than to waste it. When you’re nineteen, you have that amazing feeling of endless possibilities. You have the freedom of being a teenager, but also a safety net”

There’s an intrinsic vulnerability and honestness to Taylor’s songwriting style and the most remarkable part of it is that it translates into hopefulness that you can hear and feel alongside her. “19” has a slightly more mature approach to it than “Helicopter”, and that shows just how diverse and versatile her EP will be. In such a short period of time, Taylor already has perfected her songwriting style and lyrical voice to the fullest extent. It’s also a very interesting song – with positive and uplifting lyrics but a somber production and a sense of ‘I’m-just-trying-to-convince-myself’.

In the video for “19”, Taylor drives around the city at night as if on her to or back from a party – glimpsing in the rearview mirror with an introspective look on her face. It’s not sadness, it’s thoughtfulness. She’s not sure if she plans on reaching her destination, wherever it may be. She might as well take a detour to somewhere else just to be alone for a while.

This works very well with the landscape painted by the lyrics with verses such as ‘When you’re nineteen, you know just what you’re after‘ and ‘Things keep getting better‘. Positive and self-affirming lyrics, sung over slow pianos and unsure vocals sell the dichotomy between the music and the lyrics perfectly.

“19” is definitely a step up for Taylor, after an already great first single. Her second release shows us that she’s not messing around, she knows what she’s doing and how she’ll get there – and we’re all better for it.


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