Gunslinger, Travis Ehrestrom, Marcus Herne, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

Hey, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend, the album of the week belongs to a debutant Female Rising Star: “Gunslinger” with her EP “Green Acres Motel” a beautiful folk EP that you should listen to immediately, and also take a deep listen to Travis Ehrestrom and Marcus Herne releases.

Welcome to your favorite music blog LT1KF, I have for you an eclectic selection as usual, for starters you can see it in the title of this weekly article, beginning with a folk work, then a classic rock blend with progressive music, and finally an avant-garde electronic work. I know you’ll find something that will blow your mind. Enjoy!!!

Gunslinger "Green Acres Motel"

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Now into the albums of this week.



1.- With their debut EP Green Acres Motel, American band Gunslingers delivers a bold folk rock proposal that takes the genres in new directions. The six tracks of the EP offer musicality, poetry, and beauty through powerful storytelling and vocals. Death, love, heartache regrets, and memories invade the EP. They take us into a faraway dreamscape, with a homely sense that only Gunslingers can deliver! You can keep reading our review here.

2.-Travis Ehrestrom in their own words: “Our sound is a unique blend of classic rock music and progressive music, with influences ranging from Pink Floyd to The Meters. Here’s why you should give Hollinshead a listen: the album was recorded live as a way to showcase the synergy of the band, the music is engaging and unique to the times, and the lyrics are thought-provoking and insightful.”

3.- Forms Redux is the continuation of Marcus Herne’s 2021 EP ‘Forms’ which took inspiration from the beauty and brutality of beginnings and evolution, and exploring both the progressive and accumulative stages of cosmic creation.

4.- Once upon a time, the Canadian singer and songwriter Jordana Moon teamed up with German composer and producer Tom Aries (Moon and Aries) and they ended up with one hell of a debut album. The Arrival was released last year, bringing electronic arrangements and delicate vocals, and an interesting dynamic. Now, the electropop duo is back with their new project: Break The Matrix. You can keep reading our review here.

5.- “Limbo” is the first album by Baltimore, MD two-piece SLOT. In their own words: “Our first album is a dancey, pop and industrial-inspired spin on punk, drawing influence on everything from Daisy Chainsaw to Primus, to Sneaks. People tell Max (bassist) that his riffs sound like The Jesus Lizard.”

6.- Living PicturesCrossing The Bridge” In their own words: “Inspired by the work and approach of artists like Brian Eno, Chromatics, Nils Frahm, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, the album is set in a frame narrative of a person putting on their headphones and riding the subway at night. Through nine episodes, the album follows this person through their dreams as the train rattles down a mysterious tunnel, a strange, psychological tunnel not shown on the map. The train guides the listener through nine different emotional states, each of which corresponds to a place and a set of imagery.”

7.-All four tracks included on the soundtrack offer something a little different and are extremely powerful pop songs in their own right. This is pop music at its best and Debbie Schippers is stepping into her power with a collection that will stand the test of time. ‘Station Rise’ is a body of work any artist would be proud of creating.

8.- In his debut EP ‘GAIA‘, the London-based singer-songwriter James Hastings conjures a blend of folky, earthy textures enfolded in an ethereal electronic landscape. Collaborating with producer Jamie Biles (Isaac Gracie, Delilah Montagu, Miles Kane), Hastings combines Buckley-esque vocals and the theatricality of Rufus Wainwright with a uniquely wild spirit reminiscent of AURORA. Set against a backdrop of ecological and political turmoil, GAIA reveals the artist’s hopes and fears for the future and calls on an ancient magic hidden deep within us all.

9.-The songs of Dotts O’Connor are informed by his desire for a compelling story complemented by beautiful melodies. Coney is rooted in themes of love, humor, regret, and optimism.

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