Snakedoctors new single “Brighter”(Feat. Nick Hughes)

Snakedoctors’ latest single “Brighter” is a Soft Rock track that brings high hopes for a better future. After the storm, always comes the sun, and this single means to shine a light over us with its mellow mood and uplifting energy. Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today comes a single that will open up the week with a tender touch and a relaxing rhythm. A song that brings warm melodies with a high dose of optimism, all covered up with a nice bed of crunchy guitars, raspy vocals, and grooving drums. Let’s get to it!

The Polish band returns with another single promoting their upcoming album “Waiting”. Again, the song features Nick Hughes, a drummer of Bush, who yet again delivered a hypnotic performance. The new track is a statement about how brighter days are going to arrive finally after such dark times. With this in mind, these four friends created a song carried by strong optimism, excelling for its soothing qualities.

Their new 2023 album “Waiting” will bring more great songs and feature many surprise appearances and producers they had the chance and luck to work with.

The vocals are deep and raspy, with light Grunge undertones. Guitars are raw and crisp, with crunchy sections and clean melodies. The bass is bold, low, and groovy, following the magnetic beat of the steady drums. Snakedoctors’ upcoming album promises to be a great Rock experience and the singles released so far prove it. Mixed by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio and mastered by Stephen Marcussen – the legend who took part in most of the greatest productions in the last years – “Waiting” is definitely on our scope, as it should be in yours. So, listen now!

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