Carpe Diem unwinds the panic attack spiral in “Twist in the Wind”

Carpe Diem tackles the panic attack with tender honesty, showing the destructive and debilitating nature of being caught in one through eye-opening lyricism and metaphors. The Hong Kong-based two-piece band featuring Ada on vocals and Keith on guitar released their new single “Twist in the Wind” on March 27th, and it is a welcome aid for anyone wishing for their struggles to be understood.

“Twist in the Wind” likens the sudden and destructive nature of a panic attack with a tornado, a nearly unpredictable natural phenomenon. The single itself holds a stable feeling like a storm-proof building in a cyclone. Its stormy damp atmosphere is set with moody guitar melodies with a growling textured undertone building up the feeling of a forthcoming twisting tornado.

“Twist in the Wind” by Carpe Diem is out now.

The impactful track features an emotional violin recorded by Carpe Diem’s former bandmate Janice, who has just arrived from abroad. A dose of tenderness is brought in by Ada’s gentle vocals that radiate through a mental haze. As the voice narrates the struggle of feeling an incoming panic attack, the escape route – letting go of all that is hurting – seems nearly impossible to reach. Still, it’s worth a try.

Carpe Diem "Twist in the Wind"

The stormy mood has also found its way into the single’s music video. Footage of a waterspout slowly growing bigger starts off the impactful clip, which among other things shows the blinding effect of panic with astounding clarity through a performance done by blindfolded dancers, the pure and nearly spiritual music video is reactive to music (it stops when the music stops) and clear as water with its meaning, giving face to the terror that impacts many of us.

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