Dora Lachaise & Jonni Slater’s brand-new single “Sign On the Door”

Stating that your song is inspired by the duets made by Nick Cave with Kylie Minogue and PJ Harvey is a bold thing to do, but that’s exactly what Jonni Slater and Dora Lachaise did in their new collaborative single, “Sign On the Door”. The said inspirations, “Where the Wild Roses Grow” and “Henry Lee”, had grown to be such iconic pieces of music, often standing amongst Nick Cave’s best, so trying to capture that same feeling with none of those singers involved, is a very ambitious and hard thing to do. And, oh God, they pulled it off!


Both Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater are currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, and have had their separate careers up until this point with amazing solo singles and EP of their own. But “Sign On the Door” is magic. It’s got that Nick Cave feel to it, without sounding like a parody or a rip-off; the word that comes to mind truly is “inspired” by the artist.

The two talented vocalists share the spotlight, often singing different melodies on top of each other or complimenting the other one’s lines in a very interesting and dramatic dynamic. The vintage instruments used in the song, such as the dulcitone and omnichord, paired with organ lines and pounding drums create a dark and eerie atmosphere that works incredibly well within the track.

“We didn’t want to write love songs, so we explored different subjects”, Dora herself says about the sessions both musicians held together. And this comes across in the lyrics, which also fall in line as inspired by Nick Cave’s original Murder Ballads. “Sign On the Door” comes from Jonni’s love of Cold War-era novels and films, telling a story of a chase: Dora plays the character of an agent of the law hunting down Jonni’s character for some unknown reason – and he’s always one step ahead as if playing games with her investigation.

The plot, which has a Killing Eve vibe to it, is also explored in the stunning music video shot across Europe in places like Estonia and Latvia as well as the UK, making it an essential watch as if a full-on short film.

Save the date, the video will be released on Sunday, April 02nd

The best news is that this won’t be the only single: the duo has recorded an entire collaborative EP called Weather Balloons that will be released alongside an “immersive experience of live music and film” in Glasgow. And I can’t wait to listen to more from these two together!

Jonni Slater and Dora Lachaise


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