Indie Radar Alert: BContheTrack’s new single “UP”

BContheTrack, AKA “BC,” has been dropping fire left and right since this time last year. In that short span of time, the beat making producer has amassed over 2.7k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Maintaining that steady trajectory in 2023, he’s released an EP and single so far. You could very well say, he’s on the “UP.” And pun-totally-intended, “UP” is the track we’re placing on your indie radar today, originally released on May 15th of 2022.

BContheTrack works with several artists and invites them to “do their thang” on a sample beat, free for download on his website. “UP” features the rapper Beaux of South Padre Island, TX, an artist BC has worked with often. The song is a good recommendation for fans of artists similar to Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, and Childish Gambino. Comprised of BC’s booming beats, Beaux’s insatiably fluid flow, and cleverly penned wordplay, “UP” is also a great way to introduce you to the Producer’s work.

Beaux’s lyrical output flexes his skill, spanning a range of topics that have to do with overcoming adversity, staying focused, and calling out haters (“I’m a genius like Kanye, not a pop star like Ariana Grande, these rappers watered down – Dasani” – my favorite line). The general theme is to stay true to oneself and continue to get better. Overall, a butt-moving, uplifting track with some bite, a true hip-hop track.


BContheTrack, who also goes by “Bill C” less commonly, is based in and from South Central Los Angeles. While the focus today was specifically on “UP,” the producer also manufactures music of several genres. He possesses nearly 20 years of experience with Old School, R&B, Gospel, Trap, and of course by this demonstration hip hop. In fact, before that thick bass line really hits on the track, you hear those elements of Old School leading in at the intro. The most commendable aspect of his artistic vision is his passion to help others create. A music lover at the core, he invites artists to collaborate and realize their own artistic visions via his arrangements. BContheTrack proudly proclaims:

“I enjoy assisting others in making their aspirations a reality. I’ll give the beat. You do your thing. Let’s make it happen!”


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