Harpa’s stunning new single “Shrink”

Nottingham, UK-based singer, songwriter, and vocal powerhouse Harpa is back with the new single “Shrink” just a few months after the release of her debut EP Growing Pains last December. More versatile than ever, both in terms of production as well as in vocal range and songwriting, “Shrink” goes from slow pianos to distorted guitars and a string section. It’s incredibly dynamic to listen to, always keeping you on your toes sonically with its twists and turns – and what keeps it all together is Harpa’s powerful vocals.

Harpa signing pic

This dynamism isn’t something new to the English artist’s work, we’ve heard some form of this on her beautiful single “Hollow“, a track chosen to open Growing Pains. But this time around, she takes things one step further than anything we’ve heard from her so far – she goes big, and she does not intend to go home. “Shrink” features a powerful statement: it tells of a woman who is not willing to let herself be lessened to favor any man (or anyone, in fact).

After being called ‘intimidating’ regarding her own love life a few times, Harpa says she for a while tried to change aspects of herself to fit into other people’s world views. But not anymore. “‘Intimidating’ women are just women with a voice, women who say no, who set boundaries, who don’t put up with being treated like an object. ‘Shrink’ encapsulates everything I’ve felt obligated to be in order to be more agreeable to men and, at the same time, it’s a big ‘fuck that!!'”, she says about the track. It’s powerful and it’s beautiful, but that doesn’t make “Shrink” an aggressive in-your-face party banger; it’s an incredibly subtle song, sounding something like a hard ballad.

All of this goes to show just how smart and talented she is in constructing her songs and melodies, and the result is stunning. “Shrink” is an interesting dichotomy both in its lyrics and production, it’s a breathtaking and emotional track coming from an amazing storyteller that just keeps getting better and bigger.


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