Carl Liungman delves into the fleeting nature of love in astounding new EP “Affection & Absence”

Carl Liungman, a Swedish pianist and composer, has just recently released his newest piano works. Titled “Affection & Absence”, the intimate EP follows the unpredictable path of love and translates all arising emotions beautifully through a mix of jazz and neoclassical styles.

Home to 4 pieces, the slow-paced and calm EP takes a form of a little storyteller starting off with the sprouting of love, and ending with notes of sadness longing for the flurry of emotions that was just there before. In between, Carl Liungman has delicately unraveled and examined all the highlights and struggles that come with love. It’s a highly dynamic work of art that shows every emotion with astounding clarity. For instance, you can feel the adoration intertwined with excitement in “Dancer” along with many other quick emotions that change shape before you can name them.

It begins with elevated emotions with fresh love making everything look absolutely beautiful. For this reason, “Affection” sounds like a beautiful early morning scene, with the exception being that the sun’s place is taken by that special person. There’s the longing in the quietness, and also there are bursts of excitement, and there are huge amounts of unfiltered affection. That moves on to the flurry of emotions taking place in “Dancer” as well as “Night”, both examining hesitation and moments of startled ness in between love and desire.

When the other pieces had lots of emotions intertwining with one another, then the last part of the EP is quite the opposite. “Disappear” describes a vast emptiness in the soul of a longing person alone with their thoughts. There’s sadness, hints of disappointment, and fear of being alone. It doesn’t necessarily signal that the love is over though – this piece could very well be the soundtrack for a person whose beloved had just gone abroad for a long time.

“Affection & Absence” was recorded on an upright Schimmel piano at Carl Liungman’s countryside home in South Sweden. Inspired by a range of artists, such as Arvo Pärt, John Legend, Hans Zimmer and Keith Jarrett, the Swedish pianist’s works are home to some incredible new age jazzy piano atmospheres.

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Carl Liungman press phto
Carl Liungman describes his new EP as an instrumental story telling about the hardships of love and intimacy. An examination of absence and presence.

The EP ’AFFECTION & ABSENCE’ reveals 4 original piano pieces in a mix of Jazz and Neoclassical style and is an even more intimate and personal solo piano release than the previous SHINE from 2022.

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