Clinically Sane outstanding debut EP “Tales Of No One”

Portuguese act Clinically Sane makes its debut with the EP “Tales Of No One”, a collection of five Alt-Rock songs inspired by mental health, and the artist’s mission to help dissolve the stigma surrounding it.


Tiago Freitas, the man behind this project, is finally revealing his upcoming EP. A rush of emotions, electrifying riffs, and over-the-top vocals are what await inside “Tales Of No One”, with five tracks that tackle different subjects inspired by real-life stories. From apathy and resignation to angst and desperation, this EP goes deep into the human psyche and tries to find the light in the darkest of places.

If you’re a fan of Linkin Park, or overall Alt-Rock with a dose of metal, this EP is for you. Freitas really speaks to the listener with open vulnerability, and each section offers a fresh and original approach to the genre. Opening up with “Without Aplomb”, Freitas presents a soft and melodic entrance, followed by the heart-pounding riffs for which he is getting known for.

“Without Aplomb” is a reflection of the struggles and frustrations of chasing our dreams, often hindered by time, money and life’s twists and turns.” – Tiago Freitas

Track 2, “Eternal Recurrence” is a personal reflection on derealization, a mental state that makes you feel detached from everything around you. A song that steps up the aggression and despair, with beautiful vocal melodies and a solid rhythm section. The choruses are explosive, thrilling, and simply intoxicating. A wide vocal range in this one!

Track 3, “Lethe” is a more nostalgic vibe, with Post-Rock influences. It even has a few Placebo similarities. Once again, this is a song that dives into the depths of alienation and despair, and it was inspired by the river of forgetfulness in Greek mythology. In Freita’s words: “This track expresses the pain of feeling invisible and unwanted in a world that doesn’t seem to care.”

“Midnight Library” is my favorite track, and a song that Clinically Sane released some time ago. Maybe I’m biased because it’s one I’ve listened before, but it undeniably has a magnetic aura that pulls me to its core. Maybe it is the grooving drums, or the blended synths and guitars, but what’s for sure is that its chorus hits in all the right places.

Imagine you had a chance to undo your suicide and live a different life. That’s the premise of Clinically Sane’s “MidnightLibrary”, a song inspired by the novel of the same name.

Final track, “Unsent Letters” is the apotheotic ending of Tiago’s EP, capturing the feelings of relief and closure from a painful past. It’s a piano-driven ballad that reveals the songwriter’s personal story of coping with cancer and losing some of his closest loved ones along the way. As the song begins to end, the artist repeatedly and fervently sends us away with a long and emotive goodbye…


Clinically Sane

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