Gabriel Bishop’s new emotional dance anthem “Fall Together”

After the success of his previous singles, Australian producer Harry Wells returns with a brand new song under the moniker Gabriel Bishop. “Fall Together” is a lovely synthpop ballad filled with EDM and indie pop influences, resulting in a song that feels easy and summery – but with a deep emotional edge under the surface.

On his new track, Harry showcases all of his talents as a producer and songwriter combining an early 2000s R&B and hip-hop production style with the sensibility of an indie folk singer. The final product is a fun and breezy track that serves as an amazing background for the heartfelt lyrics. In “Fall Together” Harry sings about falling in love, but not exactly in an easy and fun way. There is tension, there is anxiety, and a sense of almost unwillingness – to which he responds with openness and vulnerability, saying that they’re both in this together and can make it.

A universal feeling of liking someone and not knowing how to properly take the next step forward. It can be tough, and it’s an angle that’s interesting to see in a pop song such as this. ‘I don’t wanna have you just for the night‘, he sings before the second chorus, and goes on with ‘I want you to call me with a piece of mind, or tell me how your day was‘. It’s a lovely declaration of genuine interest and affection, and it takes guts to open up like this to someone. Gabriel Bishop hits an incredible balance between a fun pop love song and the uncertainty of unrequited love found in indie folk – and it’s just right.


Gabriel Bishop press photo "Fall Together!

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