Magdalia’s bold and powerful new single “Tunnel Vision”

Australian artist Magdalia returns with a new single titled “Tunnel Vision” and cements her place as a force of nature. Magdalia’s latest was written as a collaboration between the singer herself Elizabeth Drummond and Jarred Young and takes her sound in a brand new direction. The young singer has already graced us with an impeccable run of ever-improving singles since 2021 and now comes with full force in a synthpop with both dark and joyful vibes.


Moving away from the acoustic-like indie folk with sparse pianos and guitars to a full-on wall-of-sound-synthpop filled with electronic beats and pulsating synths. It’s an impressive sound and bold move for the singer, and it’s even more impressive once you realize that Magdalia’s signature country-inspired melodies are still here. Everything about “Tunnel Vision” just shines as much as the diamond mentioned in the lyrics.

Behind the impressive production, though, is a brave and honest song about going through the nuances of tough relationships – from the point of view of a concerned friend or sibling. ‘You been kinda happy now you’re back on your feet, and I’ve been kinda struggling and trying to breathe‘, she sings even before the first chorus. And at the same time she ends said chorus with the powerful ‘Just like a diamond, you’re rare but you’re flawed‘ – and it’s ambiguous if this is supposed to be comforting or a stab. The dynamics between the lyrics and the sounds are incredible, showcasing both strength and vulnerability, both care and frustration. It’s tough.

Magdalia dared to go in an amazing new direction with her music, choosing the dark post-punk synth life, and it worked oh so well. “Tunnel Vision” is bold and it’s dark in the same way that a Siouxsie Sioux song usually is. This makes me even more excited to hear more from Magdalia in the future!


Magdalia press photo "Tunnel Vision"

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