Arei Moon’s strong and empowering “Trailblazer”

American singer and songwriter Arei Moon release her first single of the year, “Trailblazer”, and what a treat it is! Keeping up her momentum and going harder than ever, this girl is on her way to becoming one household name within the musical industry. Combining fresh sounds with early 2000s R&B production and incredible vocals, Arei’s time has come once and for all.

Arei Moon press photo "trailblazer"

Arei has been performing and singing all of her life since she was a child and it shows: her vocals are powerful and self-assured in a way that only can be achieved by years of experience. Her song-crafting skills are getting better and better since her debut single as well, and now she is back with her most powerful, direct, and honest statement of a song yet. “Trailblazer” is a song about knowing exactly what you want in a partner, someone to grow alongside with – “A man that has his own thing going on, is not interested in following the trend, and will complement her, becoming a powerful trailblazing duo. Mutual Independence.”

In the Western-inspired music video, Arei has fun dancing around and owning every single second of it. The dancing, choreographed by Bianca Rodriguez, is great and compliments the self-empowering lyrics very well. All eyes are on her because she’s the boss and she knows exactly what she wants and is on her way to getting it. And in the end, she gets it. Both in the video as well as in the studio, she is the star showing a maturity that goes way beyond her short career up to this point, and it’s so good. Arei is the center of gravity, she is a force of nature that you cannot help but pay attention to.


Arei is a young artist who works very hard to get to where she wants to be, and she most definitely is on the right path. “Trailblazer” is a song that arrived so fully formed that it’s hard to believe it doesn’t come from a bigger name. So she’s becoming a Big Name herself. Good for her!


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