Born Astray Return with Smashing New Single, “Not Gonna Stay”

New Orleans-based Born Astray has been making quite a splash since their debut single, “The Story You Sell” in October of last year. The first track I actually heard by the band was their hit song “Dangerous,” a single we recently covered here on LT1KF. Their new single, “Not Gonna Stay” hit streaming services last Friday, April 14th, and it is a phenomenal musing of Sadboi pop-punk, emo, and Easycore.

When it comes to my personal taste in music, the range of influences this band possesses in their musical prowess checks a lot of boxes for me. It’s catchy, it’s emotive, and it rocks. The band is a quartet, consisting of Jesse Roger (@jdrog1210) at guitar, Ryan Henriquez (@heavyshit) on bass, Sean Doria (@thundoria) on drums, and the mighty pipes of Cody Pala (@codypala), the vocalist.

The band has built up a steady audience quickly, already amassing over 12k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Deservedly so! As it only takes but a mere few seconds to get sucked into the blissful melodies and dynamic arrangements once you press play. The band released an official music video for the “Not Gonna Stay” the day before it dropped on streaming services, an important note, as Born Astray has historically made strong connections with their audience by regularly releasing personable, stimulating, high-quality, visual accompaniments with their singles. It’s an added dimension to their art that makes listening to the band all the more enjoyable.


Cody Pala directed the new music video, as he also did for “Dangerous.” The production is very well done, the cinematic element of the videography is dramatic and the band’s energy in their performances transcends wonderfully. Full credits are:

  • Director/Producer: Cody Pala
  • Director of Photography: Alexander Breaux
  • Editor: Ty Trehern
  • Promo/BTS Photography: Ty Trehern

They have an awesome gig coming up soon on April 20th at the House of Blues in New Orleans!

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