Antony Alexander calls on summer of love with new single “It’s Always Been You”

Summer is approaching fast, and along with that come open-air festivities and fresh love stories. Electronic music producer Antony Alexander is already preparing for a blasting summer of 2023 with an anthemic trance tune called “It’s Always Been You”, a perfect soundtrack to a memorable summer.


The call for summer opens up with highly uplifting synth lines that seem to be energized by the forthcoming months of excitement, new adventures, and simply great time spent with friends. The song’s romance-seeking core is brought forth by the ethereal vocals singing a theme of recognition whilst spinning the upbeat feel-good song even further towards the sky. Antony Alexander has nailed an excellent trance anthem saturated with warmth and a beach-party vibe, and it’s just a great match for an open-air festival, but also smaller parties among great friends.

Hailing from the UK, Antony Alexander started releasing music back in 2018, but he’s been exploring and composing music since the 80s. The independent EDM producer believes creative achievements can come from the simplest places – one doesn’t need fancy studios and connections with high-tier people to make great music. Thus, he seeks to inspire and encourage other artists in a similar position to believe in their own abilities. Antony himself works in Logic Pro X and well-known VST’s, and when asked how the new song came about, he sent us a humble yet concise explanation:

“I’m just an independent producer who doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but who works alone to make music people will hopefully find easy and enjoyable to listen to. I grew up in the synth revolution so have always enjoyed playing keyboards. All my songs take inspiration from the Trance and progressive house genres of more recent times. This track started off with a synth riff which comes in at around 1 minute. The rest of the track was built around that to lead into the drop and to provide some variety of textures my subtracting and adding elements as the song progresses.”

Antony Alexander

Antony Alexander "It always been you" press photo

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