Birdeatsbaby’s obscure new single “HEX”

Yet another scary/brilliant single by the British band Birdeatsbaby has hit the shelves. “HEX” is an obscure track inspired by demonic texts such as the Ars Goetia. The single presents exciting and mesmerizing melodies built over a polyrhythmic synth. Out now only on YouTube, but hit the streaming platforms on April 28th, save the date!



What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today I must admit I’m speechless after watching HEX’s video. Birdeatsbaby always surprises me with their music videos, but I believe they really took it up a notch this time. Also, the music is outstanding and carefully executed, showing just how talented these girls (and boy) are. Let’s get it!

Birdeatsbaby press photo for "Hex"

If you don’t know Birdeatsbaby, they are a group of multi-instrumentalists from London & Brighton who specialize in heavy and dark music. Inspired by elements of goth, metal, and even religious elements, they create uniquely macabre songs. Comprised of vocalists Mishkin Fitzgerald and Hana Piranha, guitarist Garry Mitchell, and the amazing drummer Anna Mylee, these four musicians seem to have been put together by the devil itself.

HEX is a slow-burning track, but more likely a fuse about to explode. What begins with celestial vocals and somber atmospheres, slowly turns into an actual devilish nightmare. The music video is very impressive with lots of props, elements, and actual acting that really add to the soundtrack.

This time, Mishking delivered the main vocals, while Hana gifted the track with a lush cello arrangement. Mitchell’s riffs and ambiences are somewhere between spiritual and demonic, and Mylee’s drumming is such a delight to the ear, with a skillful groove that leaves us enchanted.

The whole production is outstanding, and I believe that you’ll definitely want to hear/see this track again. Their cinematic approach to their videos is just as strong as their music, creating a whole universe of darkness and devilish proportions.


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