9 o’clock Nasty brand new single “The Gastronaut”

What happens when food porn becomes… well, just porn? The Nasty (9 o’clock Nasty) has actually written a song about it in “The Gastronaut”, a mesmerizing piece of love, food, strange juices, and just damn straight sex…


It seems to me that there’s no end to these guys’ creativity. After collaborating a bunch with some pretty dope artists, the loon raccoons have returned to their roots and decided to do what they do best… make people uncomfortable. But in all seriousness, there’s nothing about this track that doesn’t deserve a nice meal at The Ritz… followed by a nasty session of fluid exchanges in its kitchen. Food porn jokes, everybody. What’s next?

9 o'clock Nasty "Pete" photo press "The Gastronaut"

I can’t tell what’s most amazing about this track, the obviously (but not quite) sexual innuendos, the mean drum groove, the amazing piano recording… or the sad story behind all of it. You see, The Nasty’s studio is/was on a boat. They wanted to record a piano. They moved a piano onto the boat. It was that day that the nasty learned two things: 1.- A piano is heavy. Real heavy. , 2.- Some boats can’t handle a piano’s weight.

Shit went down. And I mean… down. To the depths of the river.

The Gastronaut was recorded in a mad 9 hour dash before we had to abandon ship. There are no second chances to record a vocal when dirty river water is coming up through the floor. Our studio has now been relocated to a building and boat is awaiting a crane to recover it. Except the piano. It belongs to the fish now.” – The Nasty


But not all is lost as the raccoons, in an amazing feat of heroism (or maybe just little self-preservation) were able to complete the track and now we’re left with another great release by the British gentlemen… and one hell of a story. As I said, I can’t tell which one is more amazing. You decide. Listen now.

The Gastronaut is the first in a series of releases that push the boundaries of what we do even further. Our LP “Culture War 23” will be quite a thing. Get on the Nasty Train.” – The Nasty

#the gastronaut" 9 o'clock Nasty press photo


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