Alec Berlin Surfs the Cosmos with new single “Space Punk”

#LT1KF has been covering Alec Berlin‘s work closely for some time now leading up to his highly anticipated full-length album, “Space Punk & Other Junk.” Well, buckle up space cadets! Because Mr. Berlin has just released the twelfth single from the album, the lead-in title track titled, “Space Punk.”

It’s been a cosmic journey since the classic rocker and most recently released “Man’s Best Friend,” the funkified space prog of “Beat Confabulator,” and the earthly down-home country musings of “LaNoise.” Alas the time has come to touchdown and support this high-energy, surf-punky, sci-fi title track on Bandcamp! The aligning of the stars has commenced, and we’ve come full orbit, my terrestrial friends.


As we’ve touched on before, Berlin has an incredible resume and wealth of experience in the entertainment industry by way of his music. Not only in the form of gigging and charting releases, but in Broadway, Television, and Film as well. There’s a Swaray of things we’ve referenced before in previous articles, and one of particular note that you might not be aware of is his work on the Broadway musical and film adaptation of the award-winning Come from Away (currently streaming on Apple TV).

He carries an ethos of phrasing his expression instrumentally rather than conventionally with lyrics and vocals, as with a typical Pop-Rock artist. And that is yet another dimension of his work that makes him stand out as an artist. In that context, it should be no surprise that his music transcends so well through the imagination. Setting the stage with conceptual artwork and title, Berlin’s guitar is the mechanism that guides you through a star-crossed aural voyage. Welcome to the final frontier.


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