Roots Asylum’s new song “Ride On” holds undefeated optimism on life

Ride on through the crooked path life is, Roots Asylum says in their fresh release titled “Ride On”. The rocking blend of americana and classic rock with hints of blues and folk knows life has some really dark curves sometimes and you may lose a lot more than you’d like, but it refuses to sulk in the dark. Instead, “Ride On” banishes the darkness as a driving, head-bopping tune full of good mood and a great message.


Roots Asylum, the five-headed band from Michigan, has become quite well-known in the local scene for the lively acoustic sound that makes any venue feel like home. That cozy energy-filled acoustic feeling is also present in their studio, resulting in releases bursting with nostalgia, like the recent single “Golden Hearts” looking back on a long-gone friendship, or sheer perseverance as the band’s brand new single does.

Roots Asylum "Ride On" artwork

“Ride On” has a blasting opening of warm guitar riffs and drums that make it clear there’s no space for sadness and depressive thoughts. The lyrics, brought forth by an energizing mix of vocals, address the way life has for knocking us out but keep an upbeat feeling and fierce belief everything will get better. In addition, high-level optimism is present in every note of the song that invites the audience to join in and get the dance moves going. In many ways, it feels like the perfect happy song to listen to after a long, excruciatingly tiring day, a dose of dopamine-laced vitamin to boost you on what sometimes looks like a lengthy grey week.

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