De Antiquis et Novis goes twirling on starry floors new single “Falling Stars”

The German electronic music project De Antiquis et Novis has been on a roll with dancy beats, this new song is a full-on classic feel-good piece of music. The title “Falling Stars” makes it easy to imagine this solid deep house tune manifesting you a sparkly outfit and pulling you out to a dance on the star-laden dancefloor with no care for the world below the feet.


“Falling Stars” hits as a charming tune bridging retro house vibes with a hint of disco. Warm piano chords, shimmering synth sounds that remind of cocktails and a head-nodding beat bring forth a rather unforgettable uplifting atmosphere fit to spark up any party. And if that wasn’t enough, there are the mystifying vocals that give the whole song an unmistakably ethereal edge as it alternates between echoing singing and sensual whispering. The dancefloor is surrounded by falling stars and a purple veil of enough mystery to make you wish for this night and the song to never end.

The single is part of a fresh string of songs intending to make people dance. In fact, De Antiquis et Novis, an alias of a German producer Matthias Schorer is preparing to release a full-length album called “Dance!” sometime in mid-2023 with “Falling Stars” as a part of it, along with a previous single, the disco goodness “Vallis Bouvard“. Based on those two songs alone the title ain’t lying – be prepared to hear a solid selection of music that will make you dance!

Listen to “Falling Stars” on Spotify now!

De Antiquis Et Novis "Falling Stars" artwork

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