Petra Jasmiina’s single “Jackie O Lake” instills belief for a better tomorrow

Petra Jasmiina, a singer-songwriter and a Finnish expat living in New York City, takes a look back into the beginning of her artistic career in her new single “Jackie O Lake”. The anthemic pop ballad searches for the light in the darkness and finds hope when there seems to be nothing left to hope for. This is Petra’s way of telling us not to give up and to keep going – it will get better.


Roughly 8 years ago a fresh-faced woman decided to pursue her dream of an artist career. She packed her bags and left her home country Finland and moved into the unknown that is New York City, also known as the city of dreams. Her family, friends, work, and home stayed behind and the budging artist found herself in a completely new situation. Only the most strong-willed people can work their way through what she was now facing, and Petra Jasmiina became one of such.

“Jackie O Lake”, her new song named after a serene water reservoir in NYC, addresses the struggles and seemingly endless hardships endured as she rebuilt her life and pushed on to start the artist career. Even if things seem hopeless, the single stays on the lookout for good things. The carrying message of waiting for things to get brighter is surrounded by a vibrant and powerful combination of electronic pop and classical elements. Violinist Scott Tran brings an extra nuance of drama into this anthem of perseverance.

Out Now “Jackie O Lake”! The single will be out on May 5th.
Also, make sure to check out her previous single “Naive“.


Petra Jasmiina "Jackie O Lake" artwork

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